Types of Tooth Pain You Shouldn’t Ignore

August 24, 2022

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Man with tooth pain

It can be pretty tempting just to ignore a toothache. After all, won’t such an irritation go away on its own? Why is there any need to worry? Well, the truth is that some toothaches can be pretty severe. In fact, they can get bad enough to warrant emergency dental care! Leaving these kinds untreated would only cause more problems overall. To learn more, here are four types of tooth pain that an emergency dentist should check.

Sharp Pain

If you’re dealing with sharp pain or pain that’s gotten more severe, your toothache may be a serious dental issue.

For one thing, it could signal that you have a cavity. The odds would certainly be good, as cavities are common and develop when plaque is left on teeth.

The pain could also be a sign of a dental abscess — a tooth infection. In that case, you’d want to seek immediate treatment from an emergency dentist. The abscessed tooth may need an extraction.


On the other hand, you might be facing sensitivity in a tooth or multiple teeth. While similar to sharp pain, this symptom can result from unique problems.

Tooth sensitivity, for example, can mean you’re clenching or grinding your teeth at night. Also known as bruxism, this condition can be treated in various ways. These include TMJ therapy, wearing a nightguard, and so on.

Still, sensitive teeth can also indicate a cavity or an abscessed tooth. Sensitivity to temperature and sugar, specifically, strongly implies tooth decay. As mentioned above, all of these problems qualify as dental emergencies.

Pain When Biting Down

Pain from biting is something you definitely shouldn’t ignore. It might be because of a dental abscess needing immediate emergency treatment. Otherwise, your condition may worsen, and your tooth could be damaged.

Alternately, the pain can result from chipping or a fracture not visible. If so, it’s best to get treatment so the chip or crack doesn’t break your tooth.

Swollen or Sensitive Gums & Glands

When you have a toothache, you should check around your neck, jaw, and gumline for signs of spreading. If you see any swollen or sensitive glands in those areas, that’s a clear sign you need an emergency dentist. It means you could have an infection that, left untreated, would spread to other body parts.

As you can see, tooth pain can be a bigger deal than you’d initially think. Therefore, talk to your local dentist if you notice it developing into one of the types above.

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