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Learn More About the Benefits of United Healthcare

Do you currently have a coverage plan through United Healthcare? Even if you’ve purchased your policy on your own or through your employer, you’ll want to make the most of your dental insurance before the end of the calendar year. Not only will you get to enjoy your various perks, but you’ll also help avoid more costly dental problems in the long run. If you require restorative care, your plan can still kick in when you need it to. Read on to learn more about the kind of benefits you can enjoy by receiving treatment from a United Healthcare dentist in Dallas.

United Healthcare Coverage Availability & Fees

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There are various dental plans that you can choose from through United Healthcare, which are usually provided via their Golden Rule insurance company. You’ll need to look into the details of your policy to know about the specific levels of coverage you can enjoy. Read up on your perks by either reading through your online patient portal or your plan’s brochure so that you can get familiar with the particulars.

Until then, you can generally expect your United Healthcare insurance plan to mainly work in the following format:

  • 100% of the total cost of preventive dental care services will be covered, including checkups, cleanings, and X-rays.
  • 35% to 80% of the entire value of basic/minor restorative treatments can receive coverage, such as tooth-colored fillings and simple/regular tooth extractions. The exact amount will vary based on how long you’ve been insured by United Healthcare.
  • 15% to 60% of the full cost of major procedures, like dental crowns, root canal treatment, and oral surgery, can potentially be paid for if your plan includes them in the policy.

You’ll also need to remember that your insurance benefits may only kick in after you’ve met certain restrictions, such as an annual maximum or a deductible. The annual maximum is the entire spending limit in your plan for the whole year, which tends to be about $1,000. Your deductible will be the amount you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket before your coverage can begin to step in.

Even if you have a plan through United Healthcare, it doesn’t mean you’ll automatically know how to make the most of your perks. That’s where our team can come into play. In some cases, we may be able to help minimize your expenses by spreading your treatments throughout the year, allowing you to potentially make use of two annual maximums instead of only one.

Speak to Our Front Desk Team

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While you can always call your provider to further understand the details of your insurance policy, you can also consult our knowledgeable team about the details of your plan. Our front desk members are experts in helping patients become familiar with their coverage and will be more than happy to file claims on your behalf. Not only do we want to ensure you’re well-informed on how to use your policy, but we also want to make the process smoother so that you can enjoy a more pleasant experience at the dental office.